On-Campus Dormitories

There are two dormitory clusters on NCCU’s campus: the uphill dormitories are the Zi-Chiang cluster and the downhill dormitories are the Jhuang-Jing cluster. All NCCU dormitories are not co-ed. Smoking and cooking are both prohibited in all NCCU dormitories.

Application Period

Undergraduate Students

Applicants’ Types


New students

Late June

Current students

Between late March and late May

Stay for summer break

Between late April and late May

 Graduate Students

Applicants’ Types


New students

Late June

Current students and dorm residents

Mid-April to Late April

Non-current dorm residents

Early August

Stay for summer break



  • Bookshelf
  • Bed Frame
  • Reading desk with drawers
  • Wardrobe
  • Air conditioner
  • Cable Internet

*Bedding, mattress, and toiletries are not included


NCCU dormitories are available for undergraduate and graduate students. International undergraduate freshman and sophomore students, as well as graduate students, have priority to stay in campus dormitories. Third-year or above international undergraduate students and second-year or above graduate students will need to renew their applications before the start of the academic year to qualify for a lottery drawing in the dormitories for the following semester.


Zi-Chiang Cluster

Jhuang-Jing Cluster

The Zi-Chiang cluster is located on NCCU’s uphill campus. The 10 building cluster has a convenience store and food court. It also provides quick access to the College of Foreign Languages & Literature, the Foreign Language Center, and the Arts and Culture Center. The in-campus shuttle (departing every 30-40 minutes) connects the Zi-Chiang cluster with the downhill campus.

The Jhuang-Jing cluster is located on NCCU’s downhill campus. The 9 building cluster is within walking distance of various facilities of the downhill campus, restaurants, and convenience stores, as well as the post office and the clinic. Numerous bus stops and You-bike rental stations also can be found around this cluster, making for easy travel.

Fees & FAQ

Please refer to the Office of Students Affairs website for the up-to-date information on fees, general announcements, and frequently asked information:

Off-campus Housing

NCCU is located in Wenshan District which is closest to the MRT Brown Line. It is recommended that students rent in Wenshan District or areas around the Brown Line (probably not further than the Wanfang Hospital Station) for easy access to the campus.


Please refer to the following websites for rental information and other useful information about off-campus housing:


The NCCU International House (NCCU-I House) is a housing center for international students and visiting scholars. It is located within walking distance to the campus and run by a dedicated hotel management team who offers 24-hour front-desk service and occasional social events for all NCCU- I House residents. This seven-floor building hosts conference facilities and a café on the ground floor, as well as common halls with leisure facilities on the first, second, fourth, and seventh floors. It has a total of 65 single suits and 30 double suits, which in addition to the usual dormitory facilities, are also equipped with high-speed fiber internet and a telephone line for convenient communication.


Please refer to the following pages for more information regarding the facilities, fees, and application: