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The course selection in NCCU is done in three periods: preliminary selection period (which includes Phases I & II), online add/drop period (i.e. Phase III), and manual add/drop with course instructor approval period (i.e. Phase IV).

The preliminary selection period takes place a few weeks before the classes start. This period is composed of two phases: in Phase I, students can select all courses except general and P.E. courses; while in Phase II, students can re-apply to the course which they did not get on Phase I as well as select all courses (including general and P.E. courses). The whole process is carried out online through the Course Selection System. During this period, course registration will be done on a random selection, instead of a first-come-first-served basis. The result will then be both visible on the Course Selection System and sent to the students' NCCU email.

The online add/drop period starts during the first week and a half of classes. Since this period coincides with the first week of classes, course instructors will typically introduce the course’s design and address issues regarding the course’s syllabus and workload, students can consider the courses which they are interested in and whether or not they would like to add, keep, or drop those courses. Like the preliminary selection period, the whole adding/dropping process is carried out online through the Course Selection System and the results will be visible on the Course Selection System and sent to the students' NCCU email.

The manual add/drop with the course instructor’s approval period takes place the week after the online add/drop period. During this period, if students still want to add or drop a course, they need to get the Course Addition Form or the Dropping Request Form (both forms can be downloaded from the Course Selection System; they are also available at each department's office), have the forms signed by the course instructor, and submit the form to the course's department (for adding) or the Registration Office (for dropping). Please note that the course instructor will prioritize students that are registered on the waiting list on the Course Selection System. The maximum course number that can be added or dropped during this period are 5 courses for undergraduate students, and 3 courses for graduate students.

Please refer to the “Course Search Engine Introduction” (attached below) for more information on each course selection period, as well as frequently asked questions and instructions concerning the Course Selection System.

Additionally, please refer to the Office of Academic Affairs website to see the academic calendar and find out the exact dates for each course selection phase. For your convenience, the academic calendar can also be easily added to your Google Calendar.


* Remark1: important links: Course search engine & All English-taught courses

* Remark 2: 1 NCCU credit = 18 lecture hours = 2 ECTS

* Remark 3: NCCU will provide an official transcript to student's home university with 2 months after the end of the exchange program. However, the credit transfer will depend on student's home university. 



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