Before You Leave Home

Moving to Taiwan and study at National Chengchi University (NCCU) can be easy and enjoyable if you are organized. Our experienced staff is here to help you get settled in. To get started, here are some suggestions on how to prepare for studying at NCCU.

Purchase insurance

  • Applicable to 1-semester exchange students: Purchase overseas medical insurance in your home country to cover the entire stay in Taiwan. 
  • Applicable to 1-year exchange students with ARC (Alien Resident Certificate): Purchase overseas medical insurance in your home country to cover at least the first 6 months in Taiwan (September-February or February-July). Students are required to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) after 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan, and the NHI fee is around NTD$ 800-900/month. 

Health examination

All new exchange students will have to complete the health exam. 

  • Applicable to 1-semester exchange students: use Form C.
  • Applicable to 1-year exchange students: use Form B.

Pre-departure checklist

  • Valid Passport: Ensure that your passport will be valid at least six months when you enter Taiwan.
  • Valid Visa or Entry Permit: Please refer to the website of your local TECO or Taiwan Embassy for more information on visa application.  
  • Flight ticket: Spare enough time before the start date of the semester in order for you to recover from jetlag, adjust yourself to the new environment, and attend our orientation session.
  • Health Examination Documents: Bring completed Form B or C with you in order to complete the new student health exam. 
  • Register for the orientation session: We will notify you with the details by email. 
  • NCCU Acceptance Letter
  • Money/International Credit Cards: Bring enough accessible money in cash, debit/credit cards for initial living expenses such as food, household items, and transportation.
  • Medications: A supply of medications for existing medical conditions (if applicable). It is advised to have your prescription with you.  
  • Photographs, souvenirs, music, crafts, videos, picture books, recipes, and clothing from your home country, which you can use to share about your culture with your friends. These items can also be used at the Culture Night, which is an annual event in which international students can share their country and culture with all NCCU students.

Arriving In Taipei


One trip by taxi from the airport to NCCU will cost you approximately NTD 1,500 (USD 50) in cash, and the cost of taking public transportation will be around NTD 160 (USD 5.5). 

Routes of public transportation are as below.

Metro -- (Please see the metro information at the website of “Taoyuan International Airport” ) Click Transportation>>Public Transportation>>Taoyuan Airport MRT

(1) Take Taoyuan Airport MRT to A1 (Taipei Main Station)
(2) Change MRT Blue Line (from BL 12 Taipei Main Station to BL 15 Zhongxiao Fuxing Station)
(3) Change MRT Brown Line (from BR 10 Zhongxiao Fuxing Station to BR 01 Taipei Zoo Station)
(4) In Taipei Zoo Station, take one of the following Bus (236, 282, 611, Brown 15, Brown 18, Green 1) to take off in National Chengchi University Station.

Bus -- (Please see the bus information at the website of “Taoyuan International Airport” ) Click Transportation>>Public Transportation>>Buses>>To Taipei

(1) Take Citi Air Bus (1960 East Bus) from the Taoyuan International Airport. Get off at the bus’s final destination “Taipei City Hall Bus Station” (NTD 145 in cash)

If you would like to take a taxi from the Taipei City Hall to NCCU, it takes around NTD 250 (USD 8) – about 15 mins.

If you would like to take a bus from the Taipei City Hall to NCCU please walk 50m forward to reach MRT Taipei City Hall Station Exit 3. Take either Bus Brown 18 or Green 1 and take off in the “National Chengchi University” Station. (NTD 15 in cash) – about 25 mins

Taxi -- If you know the residence hall in which you are staying, you could tell the driver to take you directly there.
National Chengchi University (
Dorm Name (宿舍名稱)
No. 64, Section 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116

Useful Apps

Download these useful apps to help your transition to studying at NCCU:

  • NCCU App: allows you to check your class schedule, grades, on-campus bus, seminars registration.
  • Taipei Bus: allows you to check MRT and check bus timetable.