Job Searching Basics

Important Tips

It is highly recommended that international students learn Chinese to enhance their employability. This is not to say that fluency is necessary; a basic command of the language is usually sufficient and ensures that your future boss is impressed by your efforts to integrate into Taiwanese culture. After all, a significant factor in whether or not you are hired by a company is the personal impression the interviewer forms of you. Many alumni who have successfully found jobs in Taiwan mention that expanding your local circle of friends through social activities, career events, or online apps in Taiwan is a valuable source of information about job opportunities. In other words, locals are likely to have the best knowledge of available positions.

Which industries should I look into?

  • Prominent industries: IT and electronic products are the most significant sectors. Other notable industries include chemicals, biotechnology, petroleum refining, logistics, motor vehicles, machinery, and food processing. Additional sectors of interest to working professionals encompass financial services, insurance, and banking. Anticipated areas of growth also encompass telecommunications, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Industries with declining job opportunities in Taiwan: Many labor-intensive industries have been downsizing their operations in Taiwan and relocating sales, marketing, manufacturing, and administration offshore to places such as Southeast Asian countries. Conversely, these industries are creating numerous job opportunities for international students willing to be dispatched to their overseas facilities.
  • Key companies: Taiwan Semiconductor, Hon Hai Precision, China Steel Corporation, Formosa Chemicals, Quanta Computer, Nan Ya Plastics, Far Eastern New Century, Pegatron, Chunghwa Telecom, AU Optronics

Where can I look for a job?

Participating on-campus or off-campus career activities including job fairs, company information sessions, company visit, alumni networks career events, organized by NCCU, Taiwan government and agency affiliated with government, is the most direct way to explore your career opportunities.  

The NCCU Career Platform offers career development information and resources, tracks internship and volunteer records, and connects students with a diverse array of opportunities, including internships, work-study programs, and volunteer opportunities. While the majority of information and resources are in Chinese, diligent browsing may reveal some English job postings suitable for overseas job seekers or international students.

If you could understand Mandarin, we recommend you to go to these websites, since the platform offers a variety of job areas:

Besides, there are many Internet websites (English language) that provide a list of online job portals. These include:

Resume and interview tips

There are many websites that provide tutoring on effective resume writing and successful interview. We recommend the following sources, since their guidance is practical and presented in an organized way. However, just as there are cultural differences in education systems and social life, there are cultural differences in what an employer expects from resume and interview. The strategy and tips from these sources are designed to help students create a local appropriate resume, and prepare for a successful interview.

How should an international students do to stay in Taiwan for job searching after graduation?

International students can apply for a residency permit for other purposes during job hunting

  • Application procedure: Offer the duplicate and original of graduate certificate and submit the application to the Service Station of the National Immigration Agency in the local city or county.
  • Verification and issuance of validity duration: the standard extension of residency duration is 1 year. For seeking employment purposes, you are eligible to apply for two consecutive 1-year extensions. The longest extension is 2 years.

Once you get your job, you could apply for a residency permit for employment while in employment

Required documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Work permit verified and issued by the competent authority (original and duplicate)
  3. In-service certificate issued within one month. 一個月內之在職證明
  4. Passport and residency permit 居留證 (original)
  5. One 2-inch color photograph
  6. Fees (NT$ 1,000 for one year; the maximum duration is 3 years according to the duration of work permit)
  7. Proof of current place of residence (if you change place of residence due to the new job)

For more information, please visit the Immigration Agency Website:

For assistance email or call:

Career Services

Career Development Center

(02) 29387704 #63297 or #63257

Stay in Taiwan for job searching after graduation

National Immigration Agency

(02) 2388-9393