Visa & ARC


  1. Two types of Visa for exchange students:
  • Semester-long exchange students: Apply for a Visitor Visa.
  • Year-long exchange students: Apply for a Resident Visa.
  1. Entries:
  • Single Entry: you have only one-entry to Taiwan, so you won't be able to travel afterwards.
  • Multiple Entry: you have multiple-entry to Taiwan, so you will be able to travel before the "ENTER BEFORE" date.
  1. Enter Before (Valid Before):
    The Enter Before Date in your visa is its expiration date. 
  2. Please visit your local TECO's website for information on the required documents and visa application procedure.  

Alien Resident Certificate(ARC)

  1. Students who enter Taiwan with a Resident Visa will need to apply for the ARC at the Immigration Agency within 15 days after landing.
  2. Late application will result in a fine.
  3. Your ARC will have multiple entries before the expiration date.

Exchange Student Visa Procedure

  1. Semester-long exchange students: 60- or 90-day Visitor Visa → Visitor Visa Extension (twice as the maximum extension times) at the Immigration Agency.
  2. Year-long exchange students: Enter Taiawn with a Resident Visa → apply for ARC online→ join National Health Insurance after 6 months if needed. 

Related Websites

  1. Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA (for Resident Visa application)
  2. National Immigration Agency (for visa extension & ARC application)