NCCU Int'l Student Careers | Discover opportunities for employment and internships for International Students at the NCCU Job Fair 2019 - 2019-02-27

Dear International Students,


The NCCU Job Fair is right around the corner! It takes place on Friday, March 22, 2019, from 10AM to 5PM at the main boulevard on campus. There will be over 90 companies present waiting for students to approach their booths. However, our experience from last year’s event showed that many companies are merely interested in hiring local students. In order to avoid having you walk from booth to booth unsuccessfully, the NCCU Center of Development has contacted all companies beforehand to ask whether they are interested in hiring international students.


The result of this project is the creation of a map that lists the 27 companies that have explicitly stated their interest in hiring foreign students (see attachment). These 27 companies will have representatives on-site to discuss their job openings with you and to take your CV.


The aforementioned companies are as follows (although you may still feel free to approach any other company at the fair as well):


1. CTBC Bank 中國信託(

2. Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd 南山人壽 (

3. Dcard 狄卡科技 (

4. LEEDARSON 立信電子科技有限公司 (

5. ASUS 華碩電腦 (

6. Sinbon Electronincs 信邦電子股份有限公司 (

7. Garena (

8. Clevo 藍天電腦 (

9. BenQ 明基佳世達 (

10. VeryBuy 非常網路科技股份有限公司 (

11. SkyREC 思凱睿克有限公司 (

12. New Kinpo Group 新金寶集團 (

13. Foxconn 鴻海精密工業股份有限公司 (

14. HIWIN 上銀科技股份有限公司 (

15. Makalot 聚陽實業 (

16. Tsann Kuen 燦坤 (

17. Micro-Star International 微星科技 (

18. PUMA (

19. Hengstyle 恆隆行貿易 (

20. Keding KD科定企業 (

21. MOS Burger 摩斯漢堡 (

22. Connect Job (

23. Deloitte 勤業眾信 (

24. PwC 資誠 (

25. Pasona 日商保聖那 (

26. Iyuno 韓商艾語諾 (

27. Lion Travel 雄獅旅遊 (


Best of luck with your job-hunting!


Int’l Students Career Development Team

Office of International Cooperation (OIC)

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2019 NCCU Job Fair Stand Map (for international students)