Info Session: 2018 Summer Programme at Cambridge Summer Institute and Oriel College Oxford - 2018-03-15

Ms. Cindy Chen, Manager from WorldStride Education will visit NCCU on March 27, 2018 to introduce these exciting programmes for NCCU students to go for summer courses at Cambridge and Oxford. It is not just English course! It will be a life-long experience and broaden your horizon!

These programmes allow NCCU students to select their courses from a variety of choices within Cambridge Summer Institute and Oriel College of University of Oxford in 2018. These courses represent areas in the social sciences, arts and humanities, computer science or physical sciences, International Relations and other areas lectured by experienced and outstanding Professors. Students can choose the course based on their interests.

This is a fee-based program, as students are required to pay for tuition, fees and living expenses while they are in UK.

*The session will be conducted in Mandarin, but if there is any foreigner participant, session will be performed in English.  Hope to see you at the Info Session!

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Event info:

27th March (Tuesday)


Conference Room 3 (on 7th Floor of Administration Building)

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