Workshop - Master Chef on Nov. 28 is going to open to register soon!! - 2017-11-06

Dumpling is a world wild well known Chinese food.  A workshop is raised for you to experience it.  Join IY to be the best chef ever!


DO NOT miss the details of the “Master Chef” on our Facebook fan page this Sunday!  Also, Do meet us for ticketing at the NCCU Side Gate (close to McDonald) at 12:00~13:00 during 11/6 (Mon.)-11/9 (Thu.)!!!


**Here comes several important information:

Date: 2017/11/28 Tue.

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: Restaurant at Zihciang Dorm No. 10 (自十餐廳)

Fees: NT$80/ per person



**If you have any questions, please contact us!


York 0987520768

Mindy 0988793016

Liliane 0988250702

(Feel free to PM us on Facebook:)

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