Nantopia -Two Day Trip to Nanto (Have a Fantastic Trip in this golden season on Oct. 14 & 15) - 2017-09-08

Nanto, located in central Taiwan, is famous for its Sun Moon Lake, XiTou  and many popular spots. International Youth (IY) holds a Two-day Trip on Oct. 14 & 15.  The trip is filled with stunning scenery and rich humanity art.  You will also have lots of fun at Monster Village.  It’s the best time for outing at the golden season.  You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to explore Nantopia. And we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience in Taiwan.
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Date:October 14th to October 15th

*Early Birds(before 9/11)$2200 per person
*Group(above 3 people)$2000 per person
*On spot(9/11-9/15)$2500 per person
Tickets are available NOW!! ... Ticket info:
9/11-9/15 12:00-13:00 At NCCU Side Gate (close to McDonalds)
Contact info:
吳岱霖 Leon 0988-539-696
李佳臻 Jenny 0973-771-007
王楚為 Andy 0979-190-977

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