English Newsletter Editor Wanted - 2016-04-29

English Silkroad Newsletter is published bi-monthly by Office of International Cooperation (OIC), National Chengchi University, featuring the international activities at NCCU.

Job description

  1. Edit 4-7 English articles (450-500 words) and their photo captions bi-monthly written by NCCU student reporters.
  2. Communicate with and give comments to NCCU student reporters by emails and attend bi-monthly meeting.



NTD 2,400-4,200 per Issue depending on the number of articles edited


Visit OIC website (Main pageMediaSilkroad)


To apply:

Complete the attached application form

Edit the articles provided below by using “Track Changes” function in word file.

Email application to kellyaubureau@gmail.com (email title: Silkroad application_Editor_your name)



Ms. Kelly Wang (kellyaubureau@gmail.com)

*OIC will provide a certificate of completion of the job upon request.

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