Taiwan Host Family Program - 2016 Community Cultural Activity in Tainan - 2016-03-07

The sugarcane smell will greet you as you walk into the Yanping Community. Here is one of the oldest communities in Taiwan where the sugarcane industry began. 200 years ago, sugarcane industry was one of the main economic sources in Taiwan. This time, we will take you back to 200 years ago. Visit the place where the sugarcane was refined and get to know how ancients refine the sugarcane. Also, we will visit sugarcane field and experience how to harvest the sugarcane and then have brown sugar DIY!

1.Location: Yanping Community, Chiali Dist., Tainan (臺南市佳里區延平社區)

2.Date: March 26th, 2016

3.Sponsor: Ministry of Education

4.Organizer: Taiwan Hostfamily Program

(1) Host families
(2) International students currently attending a university/institution in Taiwan
*Free for all international students and host families

6.Meeting point: Tainan Railway Station Front Exit(臺南火車站前站)

7.Register: Please register online  http://www.hostfamily.org.tw/en/news/85-8669

Please refer to the attached file for more information.

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