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Notice for Fall 2020 New International Students Scholarship Recipients

   This scholarship is awarded the following amounts to each academic level:

Ø   Undergraduate: NT$ 60,000

Ø   Master’s: NT$ 80,000

Ø   Doctoral: NT$ 100,000

   Please read the “NCCU Admission Notice for International Students 2020-2021 Academic Year” thoroughly and follow the instruction to complete the verification of your educational documents and the registration. To accept our offer of admission, please upload the required documents to the Online Registration Website by 11:59 pm, June 17, 2020 (Wed) (Taiwan Time).

   Scholarship recipients MUST provide the required documents to Ms. Carol Chi at the Office of International Cooperation (hereafter, “OIC”) by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

   Required documents

1.          A photocopy of recent valid ARC.

2.          A receipt of NCCU tuition bill for the Fall Semester 2020. The tuition bill will not be available for download from the NCCU website until this early September. The payment deadline is around mid-September. As there is still uncertainty with the development of COVID-19 pandemic, the OIC will inform all international students regarding registration details via email on a later day.

3.          A photocopy of your personal passbook of First Commercial Bank or Taiwan Post.


   Scholarship recipients will receive the scholarship award in two equal installments in October and December, directly deposited into the accounts from First Commercial Bank or Taiwan Post.


   Please note that this scholarship will be cancelled if the recipients are awarded with the following awards/scholarships or being in the following status:

Ø   Taiwan Scholarship

Ø   Full scholarship offered by other government institutions

Ø   NCCU New International Student Tuition Waiver

Ø   Being suspended, deferred, transferred, or expelled from NCCU

Ø   Taking less than 6 semester credits in Fall Semester 2020


We wish you a successful and pleasant study at NCCU!



Office of International Cooperation