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FAQ of Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver

1.    Is Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver a scholarship?

A: Yes, it is a scholarship. However, the mechanism of Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver is that OIC pay the Mandarin Class tuition for eligible exchange  students to Chinese Language Center (CLC) directly.
Exchange students will not get the tuition waiver in cash and it CANNOT be transferred to other use.

2.    Am I qualified for Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver?

A: According to our regulation:

  • Applicant should be an exchange student from the university that has an exchange agreement with NCCU at university level.
  • Applicant shall not receive any scholarship in Taiwan from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other governmental organizations, nor subsidy from domestic or foreign associations.

3.    How to apply Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver?

A: Applicants should apply the Tuition Waiver to OIC. Also, OIC is in charge of deciding who is eligible for the Tuition Waiver.

4.    How to pay for Mandarin tuition if I am eligible for Tuition Waiver?

A: For Full-time Mandarin Class: Students do not need to pay the tuition. If the student is eligible, OIC will pay for him/her to CLC.

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