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New International Student Scholarship Application Q&A

Q1:Does the New International Student Scholarship accept individual application?
A1:Individual’s applying for the New International Student Scholarship is not accepted. Applicants should be recommended by the departments or program in which they are enrolled by late April and late October each year. The criteria is decided by each departments and programs.

Q2:What’s the amount of the scholarship?
A2:This Scholarship shall be awarded in the following amounts for each academic level: NT$ 60,000 for students at the undergraduate level, NT$ 80,000 for students at the master’s level, and NT$ 100,000 for students at the doctoral level. The number of scholarships awarded shall be determined by the amount of NCCU funding available for that year.

Q3:When will I receive the scholarship?
A3:Award recipients shall receive the scholarship award by remittance in two equal installments to accounts at NCCU designated financial institutions during the semester of enrollment:
1.    Recipients enrolled in September: October and December
2.    Recipients enrolled in February: March and May
Award recipients should complete the enrollment process, and graduate students should take at least 6 credits. Those who apply for deferred enrollment, leave of absence or transfer will not be awarded this scholarship.

Q4:What qualifications do I need to apply for the New International Student Scholarship?
A4:Applicable to incoming international students enrolled in degree programs at NCCU, and who have not received financial aid or scholarships from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or other government institutions, or awards issued by NCCU or other non-NCCU entities.

Q5:What should I prepare for the application? 
A5:Students don’t need to prepare any documents. The departments and programs will prepare the needed documents for the students they recommend.

Q6:Can my new international student scholarship be terminated or cancelled?
A4:A scholarship will be terminated or cancelled in circumstances where the scholarship conditions are not met. (Please refer to Article 7 and 8).


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