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Fire and Earthquake Prevention

Dear students,

It’s a must to know about the fire and earthquake prevention measures while studying at NCCU. Please answer the following questions, based on the short video clips provided on the OIC web page.

1. Earn 10 points for each question, total points: 100.
2. You need to reach at least 80 points to pass the quiz. We’ll let you know If you fail. Then, you will have to do it again until you pass.
3. Please finish the quiz by March. 31, 2020. Otherwise you'll have to go to a fire safety museum (which is quite far from here) to do the daily training.

Good luck and wish you all the best!



Video Clip 1: Fire prevention measures for residency


Video Clip 2: Fire eascape measures


Video Clip 3: Earthquake prevention measures


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