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1. How to be an exchange student of NCCU?

2. What documents should I prepare for the application?

3. When should I arrive Taiwan for the exchange program?

4. If I choose “Full-time Mandarin class” module, am I able to take school academic courses?

5. Apart from the tuition waiver for Mandarin class, is there any other scholarship for exchange students?

6. Do I need to apply the school dormitory/I-house by myself?

7. Do I need to apply National Health Insurance (NHI)? What is the benefit of NHI?

8. If I already have overseas insurance from my country, do I still need to join NHI?

9. What can I do when I have prerequisite problems during course selection period?

10. What’s the difference between OIC course system and NCCU course system?

11. Can I apply for work permit and get part-time job or internship?