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NCCU Student Safety Insurance (group insurance)

  1. Applies to all NCCU students
  2. Fee: NT$126 per semester

Overseas Medical and Injury Insurance

In your home country, please purchase your own medical and injury insurance in the valid period of no less than 6 months starting from the date when entering Taiwan.

NCCU Group Insurance

If freshmen don’t purchase their medical and injury insurance before entering Taiwan, they may purchase NCCU Group Insurance. The fee is NT$3000.
View the NCCU Group Insurance content.

National Health Insurance (NHI)

  1. Applies to degree students who have an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate)
  2. Students will be required to join NHI after 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan. Before joining NHI, you will need to have your own overseas medical insurance to cover your medical costs during the first 6 months.
  3. Fee: NT$4,494 per semester
  4. NHI Official Website: