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Work & Internship

I. Important Regulations


  1. International degree students with valid ARC who would like to work/intern legally in Taiwan shall apply for work permit. No matter your job is on/off campus and with/without pay, you must have work permit.
  2. Work Permit duration: max. 6 months
  • The Valid deadline for the application in the first semester: March 31 in the next semester
  • The Valid deadline for the application in the second semester: Sep. 30 in the same year
  1. Weekly working hours: max. 20 hrs (except for winter/summer break)
  2. Work permit will be revoked, if fail to follow the previous regulations and will be FINED NT$30,000-150,000.
  3. IMBA students please contact your program officer, Ms. Ho, for application assistance.
  4. Taiwan Scholarship Recipients are found engaging in any illegal labor activity in Taiwan, their scholarships will be revoked and they need to return any stipend and subsistence allowance given to them from the day of illegal employment.
  5. Taiwan Scholarship and TaiwanICDF Scholarship students are open with limited work permit application because the “Financial Issue” reason CAN’T be applied to these scholarship students.

II. Application Requirement

  1. International degree students with valid ARC and complete the Registration procedure
  2. Application reasons should be one of the following:
  • Financial issues
  • The academic or research offices at NCCU need international students’ assistance for work
  • Internship required by or related to the curriculum
  • Graduate students with NCCU’s permission to do research work related to the curriculum


III. Online Application

  1. Work Permit Online Application Instruction
  2. Online application may be processed more quickly, if your application is completed and correct.
  3. Get updates on your application status directly in your online account.