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English-taught Courses

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  2. OIC English-taught Courses Exclusively for Exchange Students
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  • IMBA courses (code 933-) are not available to exchange students.
  • IMAS courses (code 926-) are not open to undergrad students.
  • 1 credit = 18 lecture hrs = 2 ECTS
  • Class time table


Online Course Selection

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  2. OIC English-taught Course Selection System
  3. Spring 2015 Course Selection Flow Chart


Course Final Grade

  1. After class ends, you can check your course final grades online via iNCCU
  2. Grading System: 80-100=A=4, 70-79=B=3, 60-69=C=2, 50-59=D=1,  <50=E=0 (*passing grade: undergraduate=60 / graduate=70)
  3. Transcript free mailing:
    after exchange students have finished the exchange program, we will mail 2 copies of English transcript to students' home university International Office.