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Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver
  1. Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver is only available to University-level Exchange Students.
  2. Mandarin class offered by Chinese Language Center is a fee-paying program; therefore OIC offers “Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver” for University-level exchange students.
  3. Terms available for tuition waiver: Full-time Mandarin Class, max. 3 terms a year (The Chinese Language Center term is Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)
  4. Tuition Waiver Policy:
    • Full-time Mandarin Students (who only take full-time Mandarin class at CLC)
      - First term of tuition waiver guaranteed.
      - The second and third term tuition waiver will be decided upon students' previous term performance (grade and attendance).
      - Exchange students for one semester exchange can only get first term of Tuition Waiver.
  5. Regulations of Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver:
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